IMG_1206 2“Being with Basha Physical therapy has been such a blessing for my son, as they have provided us with amazing Physical therapist. Our current PT Ross has been nothing short of amazing from the moment he took over my sons services. He keeps me involved, provides me with tools and information that can be utilized for my son at home and at school. He has helped my son overcome obstacles and has aided in the success of my son learning to walk this year. At 8 years old my baby is finally walking and its all because of the strength God has given him and the dedication, determination, and hard work of his amazing therapist beside him. We are truly thankful to have Ross as my sons PT and the work he puts in to help my little warrior crush his goals.”

IMG_1186“We are so grateful to have Jes as our daughter’s physical therapist. Because of her, she has gained important skills the doctors never expected her to learn like bear weight, take steps, and move in new ways! Jes is knowledgeable, caring, fun, and a vital part of our support team. We absolutely love working with her!” — Nicky

“Our son suffered from an intrauterine brain hemorrhage resulting in Cerebral Palsy, vision disorder and speech and language delay.  So it is rare to say we have had the pleasure of having Jessica as his primary Physical therapist for ten years. Her knowledge is immeasurable and her patience is heartwarming. My son’s ability to learn to sit, crawl, stand, learn to use a walker, and recently learn to use a tripod cane; is because of her dedication and compassion. We are so grateful for Jessica and know you will be too.” — Karen

IMG_0290“Because I’ve spent years with Jes, I know that my physical therapy experience with her will always be a great one. Not only does she provide an excellent PT session weekly, I feel that she cares about me and my family as people and as friends. She makes an effort to get to know you, as opposed to being viewed simply as a client. Because of Jes, I have travelled further in my journey to self­improvement than I would have without her. Goals that previously seemed unconquerable were proved wrong because of her support and enthusiasm for the work she does.” — Teagan

image4 (1)“When we found Dr. Jessica Basha for our son, we had hit a “PT Wall”. He has a very sharp brain, and suffers only from the physical disabilities of Cerebral Palsy. This creates a challenge for anyone who works with him to provide the activities that match what his body is able to do with what his mental abilities need in order to be challenged. Having been through several PTs that were not able to accomplish this, I became very selective with whom we would next hire as a PT. My son needed someone to take him to the “next level”, and every other level after that. We were thrilled when we found Jessica. We were very impressed from the start with her personally, her skills, her ability to challenge my son, and her genuine heart that she puts into her work. She has the ability to adapt the PT activities to the needs and abilities of her patients in masterful ways. For our son who is an athlete at heart, she has morphed typical PT sessions into “workouts” with a PT purpose. He loves it! It helps him think of his PT sessions as “athletic training” more than PT sessions. Since working with Jessica, he has climbed and conquered that PT Wall and continues to move onward and upward. Thank you, Dr. Jes and Basha Physical Therapy!!”

FullSizeRender“Jessica and her team have been wonderful to work with! They really take the time to get to know our son’s needs and integrate their knowledge and experience into each therapy session to make it fun and enjoyable for all. They genuinely care about our family and always make sure we are happy and satisfied with the services they provide. We couldn’t ask for better therapists!” Nicky